Suhm Spring Works - Materials Properties



Material Properties

Maximum Working Temp.

 Ultimate Tensile Range,

Modulus of Elasticity,

Approx. Design % of Ultimate Tensile (torsional)

Common Sizes,

Inconel 625 Spring Tempered Wire ASTM B446

UNS N06625

Cold drawn.  Good corrosion resistance.  Good for use in elevated temperature applications.

- 827

(E) 200k

(G) 75,8k


0,30 to 19,05



  Wire  Diameter, mm

0,58 0,91 1,37 2,67 3,76 5,26
0,74 1,02 1,50 2,84 4,37 5,72
0,84 1,07 2,34 3,43 4,50 8,41




There is currently not a standard/specification which covers tensile/yield strength values for spring tempered wire.  Tensile strengths should be comparable to Inconel X750; however, please check with a Suhm representative for actual strength values.  Larger sizes can be obtained in the spring tempered condition.  Check with a Suhmrepresentative for further information.


These data are provided as a reference guide only and are not intended for design purposes.  Strength values and sizes are subject to change.  Please check with a Suhm Spring representative for confirmation.