Coil Springs: What are the benefits and options?

Coil springs were Suhm Spring Works’ first spring specialty.

coil springsWhether it be a compression, extension, or torsion application, if it can be made we can manufacture it. Our operation has the ability to hand coil, automatic coil, cold coil with a lathe, and hot coil to accommodate all sizes, shapes, and quantities including formed tubing. For over 130 years we have been the premier spring source for applications ranging from subsea to surface applications.

Compression coil springs are the most common form of stored energy components. Our coiling capabilities range from 0.005” wire to 4.00” bar. Suhm has experience in all types, sizes, and shapes of material. We have extensive experience in dealing with round, square, and rectangular wire springs. Suhm Spring Works can coil large quantities of compression springs on our automatic machines from sizes 0.008”-0.468” Our hot coiled compression spring capabilities range from 0.437” to 4.00” bar diameter, and Suhm can also center-less grind to any non standard size you prefer.

Extension springs are pitched or tight-wound, to stretch outward from the free position for resistance. Suhm will coil extension springs to screw into or hook on to your fixtures in every size possible. Wire sizes 0.005-0.625 can be coiled in lengths up to 22.00’ foot free length and bar material 0.437” inches and up can be hot coiled to a 70.00” maximum free length.

Torsion springs can also be pitched or tight-wound, and they are generally with formed legs to rotate the coils axially. They can also be hot and cold coiled into every possible size and shape at Suhm Spring Works. We have experience coiling for Commercial, Critical, and Nuclear applications in carbon steel, stainless, and exotic alloys. Our quality capabilities include testing and certification of loads. Unusual leg bends and pitched coils are not a problem for our manufacturing specialists. We can also coil square and rectangular wire torsion springs with material that can be custom cut by our water jet to sizes of your choosing.

Any need our customer has with coil spring applications can be covered with our expertise’s in compression, extension, and torsion coiling and forming. We have unrivaled range of capabilities in size, material types, knowledge, and equipment when it comes to coil springs.

Suhm Spring Works is your one stop shop for any and all of your coil spring needs. In addition to that, we offer a wide variety of capabilities including hot wound springs and many more.