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The Capabilities For Producing Quality Hot Wound Springs

Hot wound springs are the most labor intensive springs on the market. Coiled springs made from bar material ranging in size from 0.437”-4.00” diameter are hot wound, quenched and tempered. Suhm Spring Works now has the capacity to coil up to 4.00” bar in a wide array of varying sizes to suit your needs. Suhm […]

The Various Uses Of Inconel Springs

Inconel materials are very useful and can be used in many cases where other spring materials would fail. This material is a nickel based product and has multiple grades. Each grade is designed to offer some form of specialized corrosive resistance to anything from acids, salts, seawater, and resistance to chloride cracking. Inconel springs are […]

Coil Springs: What are the benefits and options?

Coil springs were Suhm Spring Works’ first spring specialty. Whether it be a compression, extension, or torsion application, if it can be made we can manufacture it. Our operation has the ability to hand coil, automatic coil, cold coil with a lathe, and hot coil to accommodate all sizes, shapes, and quantities including formed tubing. […]